INeedCoffee Review Policy


From time to time INeedCoffee will receive a request to review a coffee related product. This page outlines our policy.

INeedCoffee Does Not Review Coffee

There are several sites that specialize in reviewing roasted coffee. We are not one of them. If you are a coffee roaster that wishes to have your coffee reviewed, check out the sites The Coffee Adventures, Caffination or Daily Shot of Coffee. These sites do an outstanding job reviewing coffee.

INeedCoffee Does Review Coffee Equipment

INeedCoffee will review coffee equipment. Unlike tradtional reviews, we try and focus on creating a brewing tutorial for users first and foremost. Our goal is not only to assist coffee consumers with purchasing decisions, but to help those coffee drinkers that have already purchased the item by anticipating their questions and issues. Although we specialize in reviewing equipment for the average home user, we can also review high end coffee equipment

Full Disclosure

We will fully disclose whenever we receive product in exchange for a review. If a brewing tutorial or review does not have a disclosure then that product was acquired by us and not given to us.


If you have a coffee related product that you would like reviewed that you feel would be of value to the INeedCoffee readers, please contact us at

Published: March 2012