Tim and Tom Engstrom


We are Tim and Tom. Brothers born to the Legendary Floyd himself. We were both born and raised in Bremerton, Washington a small city west of Seattle. The Coffee Capital of the World. Well at least in our little minds it is. We definitely have great coffee and more coffee bars/stands per-capita then any other city in the World! What? You want to challenge our claim? BRING IT ON!!

Needing an outlet for our overly caffeinated ways, we banned together to tell the story of Floyd, or at least as it has been told to us, but in comic format. These late night, gather round the fire, sipping coffee tales of yore. Sometimes I think these stories got confused with our mandatory TV time we had as children. You know that time between when we got home from school with our afternoon cup of joe, until the rolling credits of Dallas with espresso shots.

Little did we know that when we started this little venture that the coffee news would go from a drip to a waterfall of coffee goodness. If anything it gives us great material. Stuff like:

I swear these webcomics write themselves some times.

WebComics are turning into a way of life for us and we are enjoying it and we hope you do to. Sit back subscribe to the RSS and enjoy the ride. Oh, and grab yourself a cup of coffee while you're at it. We like to think we are the best comic to read while drinking coffee.

For more great coffee/pop culture fun visit our site at boysoffloyd.com. -Tim and Tom, Legendary Boys of Floyd

Legendary Boys of Floyd

September 2009 | Legendary Boys of Floyd

September 2009 | Legendary Boys of Floyd

September 2009 | Legendary Boys of Floyd