Eva Solo Coffee Brewing Tutorial


When I tell people that my favorite coffee brewing method - other than espresso - is the Eva Solo, they usually don't know what I am talking about. The Eva Solo is also known as a Cafe Solo. What is the Eva Solo? It brews like an upside down french press with a fine convex filter that descends into the brewing chamber. The glass brewing container resembles a Chemex, only without the handle. It is covered with a thin neoprene cover that zips up like a sleeping bag.

Eva Solo
Eva Solo Coffee Brewer

Until I discovered the Eva Solo, my primary brewing method was the french press. As much as I loved the rich flavor of the french press, there were times I wished it were just a little cleaner tasting. Not paper filter clean, but something in between. The Eva Solo was exactly what I was looking for. It has all the rich flavor of a french press, but cleaner tasting.

filter and lid
Eva Solo Coffee Filter and Lid

The Eva Solo is as easy to use as a french press. Let's get started.

Step 1: Rinse the inside of the Eva Solo with warm water. In addition to removing any residual grounds from the previous brew, this will minimize temperature loss.

Hot Water Rinse
Hot Water Rinse

Step 2: Grind coffee the same as you would for french press. So it will be on the coarse side. Since you won't be pressing the grounds to the bottom, you can grind a little finer if you desire. Experiment with different grinds. I use a grind very close to french press. The doseage is 1 tablespoon of coffee for each 4 oz of water. Pour ground coffee into the Eva Solo.

Add Ground Coffee
Add Ground Coffee to Eva Solo

Step 3: Heat water to a boil and then allow it to cool for 20-30 seconds before pouring into the Eva Solo. Start your brewer timer.

Pour Hot Water
Pour Hot Water into Eva Solo

Step 4: The Eva Solo comes with a plastic stirrer. I lost mine, so I use a wooden spoon. At the 1 minute mark, give the coffee a gentle stir.

Stir coffee
After 1 minute, stir the coffee.

Step 5: Place the filter and lid securely on the Eva Solo.

Seal the filter
Secure the filter on the Eva Solo.

Step 6: At the 4 minute mark, the coffee has finished brewing. Serve. Notice how in the photo, I have one finger holding the filter back. Although the filter should be secure, I once had it wiggle free and land inside my coffee. It is better just to hold it into place while pouring. Safety first!

Eva Solo Pour
When pouring coffee from the Eva Solo, I advise holding the filter at the top with a finger. This is extra insurance in the event the filter isn't secure.

The Eva Solo website states that the neoprene cover can keep the coffee warm for up to 30 minutes. Ignore that tip. As long as the water and coffee grounds are touching, the brewing is still happening. Once the 4 minute brewing cycle has completed, pour out all the coffee. You can always brew more.

What I like about the neoprene cover is it protects me from the glass. One, I don't burn myself by touching the side of the brewer. Two, the neoprene cover provides some structual protection to the glass. Over the years, I've shattered a few french press brewers. I do not ever expect that will happen with the Eva Solo, but if it did, at least the glass and coffee won't go everywhere. It'll all be contained inside the zipper.

The only downside to the Eva Solo is the cost. As of this writing you can find the 0.6 liter Eva Solo on Amazon for $86 and the 1.4 liter Eva Solo is $96. Is it worth it? For me it is totally worth that price. I love mine and rarely use my french press anymore.


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Cafe Solo? - More information on the EvaSolo.com website about this brewer.

Published: July 2011, Last Modified: June 2012, Author Google+