Cleaning the I-Roast 2 Coffee Roaster


I had delayed and delayed cleaning my I-Roast 2 coffee roaster until the day I noticed that about 5% of the beans were still yellow and had not roasted. Having a seasoned roaster is good, but at certain point a home coffee roaster needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Although I used an I-Roast 2, the following information will also apply to the original I-Roast Coffee roaster.

Before we go through the cleaning methods, let me break down the I-Roast 2 into its components. From top top bottom:

  1. Chaff collector lid - top part
  2. Chaff filter mesh - circular ring under the lid
  3. Chaff collector base - fits on top of the roasting pot
  4. Glass roasting pot - where the beans go
  5. Power base assembly - the guts of the roaster that plugs into the wall

The power base assembly (#5) can be cleaned with a paper towel or wet wipe. Nothing more. Do NOT soak the power base assembly in water or put in dishwasher. The rest of this article will focus on cleaning the other parts (#1-4).

IRoast Chaff Parts
From left to right: Chaff collector lid (#1), Chaff collector base (#3), Chaff filter mesh (#2)

IRoast 2 Glass Roasting Pot
The I-Roast 2 glass roasting pot (#4) before the clean.

As you can see from the photos, my coffee roaster was a mess. I ended up using three different cleaning methods to bring back the shine. All three of these methods are valid. Use one or a combination. Whatever works.

#1 Puro Caff or Espresso Machine Cleaner

I soaked the parts in a bucket of hot water, poured in some Puro Caff and waited twenty minutes. With a rag I was able to get it somewhat clean. Not clean enough though. It was time to bring out the big gun.

#2 Oven Cleaner

At this point I sprayed the parts with an oven cleaner. After letting it sit for 20 minutes, I was able to remove almost everything. It just needed a tiny bit more cleaning.

#3 Dishwasher

I placed all the parts on the top rack of the dishwasher and ran a cycle. That was all it needed to get its "almost new" look back.

Clean I-Roast 2 Coffee Roaster
Almost new! Time to start the seasoning process all over.

Having a roaster that is too clean or too dirty is not ideal. It is that middle ground where it is seasoned that will yield the best results. This is why I waited until I started getting uneven roasts before I did the three stage cleaning.


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Published: September 2010, Last Modified: October 2011, Author Google+