Caffeine Consumption By Coffee Fanatics


Once people learn about the INeedCoffee web site, they always seem to come to the same conclusion. You must drink a lot of coffee! For the longest time I tried to defend myself by explaining that I prefer quality over quantity. I don't think I drink a lot of coffee. But what is considered a lot of coffee? I have an uncle that consumes more coffee in a day than I do in a week. But I also know people that could make the same comparision about me.

In this article I've decided to lay my cards on the table and let you decide if I consume too little or too much caffeine. To make it more interesting, I've invited other INeedCoffee contributors to send me a typical day journal of caffeine consumption.

Michael Allen Smith, Seattle

My weapon of choice is espresso, although recently I have developed the taste for many oolong and green teas.

  • 5:45 AM - Oolong Tea
  • 6:15 AM - Double Espresso
  • 7:45 AM - Double Espresso
  • 10:00 AM - Coke Zero (1 can)
  • 12:15 PM - Double Espresso
  • 2:45 PM - Double Espresso (gym days only)
  • 5:45 PM - Green Tea

Coke Zero Thailand
Coke Zero in Thailand

Paul Rj Muller, CaffiNation USA

Paul has contributed several recipes and runs the CaffiNation Podcast from his web site. He drinks coffee from morning to night. On the weekends he consumes a drastically smaller amount of coffee.

  • 6:25 AM - 1 Mug of black coffee, usually instant as I'm rushing out the door.
  • 7:30 AM - 1 Large cup from an On Campus coffee stall that roasts their own beans each morning (Freshest cup I've ever had)
  • 10:30 AM - 1 Mug black coffee (Office coffee, this past week it was Chock Full of Nuts)
  • 12:30 PM - Small mug with lunch
  • 3:00 PM - 1 large mug from same pot as earlier
  • 10:00 PM - 1 large mug of good coffee before I get to work writing articles, podcasting and answering email.

Myron Joshua, Israel

Myron has written a few articles on coffee history and he prefers drinking French Press coffee. He drinks it all day long and often makes coffee for his co-workers.

  • 7:00 AM - French Press (7-10 grams)
  • 9:30 AM - French Press
  • 1:00 PM - French Press
  • 4:30 PM - often the "usual" French Press before the trip home. (Thank G-d it is usually not usual)
  • 7:00 PM - Double Espresso or French Press
  • 10:30 PM - Double Espresso or French Press before bed

Chris Arnold, San Diego

Home roaster Chris Arnold has recently started writing country guides for the coffee growing regions. He actually drinks more coffee on weekend. Below is a typical weekday caffeine journal for Chris.

  • 9:00 AM - Double shot of espresso at home
  • 10:00 AM - Cup of Drip Coffee at work
  • 11:00 AM - Cup of Drip Coffee at work
  • 7:00 PM - Cup of Drip Coffee or Cappuccino after dinner at home

Stella Espresso
Stella Espresso

Ryan Jacobs, Columbus

Longtime contributor Ryan Jacobs consumes most of his coffee in the morning.

  • 6:30 AM - 2 mugs drip coffee, or two double espresso
  • 8:00 AM - 1 mug drip coffee
  • 2:30 PM - 1 mug drip coffee

Alex Scofield, Cape Cod

Frequent contributor Alex Scofield is a fan of the giant mug.

  • 7:00 AM - 2 giant mugs drip-pot coffee (each mug approx. 4 "cups" as listed on the drip pot)
  • 11:00 AM - 2 large mugs French Press coffee at office (each mug approx. 3 "cups")
  • 6:00 PM - 1 giant mug drip-pot coffee - at home on a short work day, in the office out of a go-cup if I'm working late.

Published: December 2007, Last Modified: March 2014, Author Google+