Ca phe Phin Tutorial - Vietnamese Coffee


Vietnamese coffee is surprisingly good. The best preparation I found while visiting Vietnam, was this remarkably simple drip filter made of stainless steel. This little filter takes a few teaspoons of finely ground coffee and makes a unique drip brew that is less concentrated than espresso but stronger than traditional drip coffee. Makes about 4 or 5 oz. of coffee - or a cappuccino cup full.

Vietnamese coffee preparation is a short ceremony. Below is a step by step tutorial.

  1. Spoon a few teaspoons of good finely ground coffee into the filter.
  2. add coffee
    Add Coffee to Vietnamese Filter

  3. Screw the top filter (lightly) into place.
  4. screw filter
    Screw filter into place.

  5. Pour hot water to fill the filter.
  6. pour water
    Pour hot water over coffee filter.

  7. Place lid and allow all water to drip through. This can take up to 5 minutes depending on how fine your grind is and how tightly you have screwed the top filter on.
  8. Brew Vietnamese Coffee
    Allow Vietnamese Coffee time to brew

If you want authentic Vietnamese 'Phin Ca Phe' you will top the glass with condensed milk and plenty of sugar.

Vietnamese-style Coffee Filter (Pack of 2)
Vietnamese-style Coffee Filter (Pack of 2)


Vietnamese Coffee - Brewing tutorial

Vietnamese Coffee Culture - Background information on orgins of Vietnamese Coffee.

Published: August 2005, Last Modified: June 2012